“Soldiers are equally patriotic. Patriotism isn’t the prerogative of any army.”

-Raghu Raman

A smart soldier wearing an olive green uniform, pointed a finger and asked, “Do you have it in you?”

Well, the journey starts from there, right after encountering that question. Thousands of soldiers are being tested to see if they have the insanity and insaneness to go above and beyond for their country. If they’re willing to give up every drop of blood to defend the motherland? Are they prepared to confront their foes despite the fact that their bodies are shutting down? Is it in their blood? Is it true that they have it in them?

We all know that training to be an army man is painstakingly rigorous, but do you really believe that soldiers are razed day and night in order to be trained for battle and to stand up in the face of the enemy? I believe there’s more to it. An army man’s life comes with a box full of life lessons, teaching them values, ethos, and how to become a life warrior that no other organization could ever teach them.

The army teaches you not to sweat the small stuff as the first lesson. Life is far bigger than that. You will face far more difficult impediments later in life. And if you start sweating the minor stuff, you’ll end up devoting a significant portion of your day’s energy to something inconsequential.

That is what drives warriors to put up with anything they face while serving in the force. From witnessing their country painted in the colour of a bride’s gown to being sliced. However, there was no sorrow because they didn’t let Himalaya bow down in their presence. They’ll die with their heads held high, always and forever.

The second lesson, which the army teaches you, is that when you are moving out of your offices or homes, from that moment onwards, you are expecting combat. One of the first quotes that are written as soldiers leave their regiments is, “Aaj muqabla hoga,” which means, today there will be a war. Even if every day has been peaceful, today could be that one day when you have to come into combat. Our Indian soldiers, on the other hand, are always war-ready, because there are many seasons to be alive, but the way of giving life does not come every day.

The army teaches you the third lesson: you can shoot the enemy without ever having to run. It’s their pride, not their obligation, to protect the country. They use their blood to draw a line on the ground so that no enemy may come this way; they will break their hands if they begin to rise; and they will protect their homeland at all hours of the day and night.

Our warriors are never sure whether or not they will be able to return home. If they are about to die, however, they tie the shroud over their heads with relief, knowing that they have safeguarded their bride (motherland) from the enemy’s clutches. Their deaths spread red seeds of patriotism in the hearts of all Indians, and they were never forgotten.

Seeing the land covered in the blood of their brothers who gave their lives to save the country, fighting alongside the enemies even when their bodies betrayed them, giving their heads to keep the country’s flag flying high, and asking the country’s men to keep decorating new coffins because the war will never end and they must never stop fighting.

Do they have it in them? Yes, they do, they have it all!